19-Year-Old Female Worker Killed in Construction Accident

San Antonio, TX – 19-year-old Destiny Rodriguez, working in a 15-foot hole on a construction site in the 13700 block of Potranco Road, was crushed to death when a backhoe worker dropped the digger into the hole.

Authorities said Rodriguez was at the bottom of the hole with her brother, who was also working, but he had just climbed out to get another pipe, when Rodriguez was killed.

The backhoe operator, later identified as the foreman, was apparently unaware the victim was in the hole at the time of the accident. He was later hospitalized, possibly suffering from shock.

A member of the victim’s family said Rodriguez and her brother both worked for the Step It Up Construction company. According to reports, Rodriguez had complained before about the company not following safety guidelines; she was injured at the construction site last week when the same backhoe operator reportedly knocked her leg with the machinery causing a grapefruit-sized bruise.

According to OSHA, the construction company had already been cited twice in 2014 for two serious violations, including a safety violation and a water and sewer line violation.

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