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Investigative Hearing : WMATA Smoke and Electrical Arcing Accident in Washington, DC

The National Transportation Safety Board will hold an investigative hearing to discuss the ongoing investigation into the January 12 smoke and electrical arcing accident that occurred in a tunnel near the L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Washington, D.C.  One woman was killed and more Read the full article…

Smoke and Electrical Arcing Accident

CSB Updates Status of Safety Recommendations

The US Chemical and Safety Board (CSB) has announced the update of the 16 recommendations from 12 accident investigations, including key safety improvements resulting from the 2006 fire and explosion in Danvers, MA, and the 2005 BP Texas City refinery fire and explosion.

Dr Susan Annenberg, Deputy Managing Director for Recommendations said that safety recommendations are the CSB’s primary tool for achieving positive change and prevention future incidents. Dr Annenberg added that actions taken by the CSB recommendations recipients trigger important safety changes that can prevent accidents and save lives.

Check out this video highlighting the important role of the CSB’s recommendations program.

Safety Recommendations

Fireworks Safety

Summer is synonymous with barbecues and parades, and using consumer fireworks on our nation’s birthday is as traditional as cookouts and apple pie; and yet, despite the dangers of fireworks associated with the 4th of July celebrations, few people understand the associated risks–devastating burns, other injuries, fires, and even death. Read the full article…

Boat Safety

May is National Boat Safety Month, and with summer around the corner, boating can be very fun and enjoyable, allowing you to catch some amazing views and sights that you wouldn’t normally see from the land. But on the other hand, it can also be very dangerous and hard work. Read the full article…

Boat Safety

Meet Seymour Safety

Seymour Safety is our Virtual Safety Professional.

Watch his video below, and get to know Seymour a little better.

Seymour Safety


Seymour’s Current Projects

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Protecting Temporary Workers

Temporary workers have the same right to safety and health in the workplace as every-day workers–this should seem obvious. This right entitles temporary workers to the same level of training and protection that full-time workers receive when exposed to workplace hazards or undertaking hazardous tasks. Recently, OSHA has expressed concerns Read the full article…

Temporary workers