Colin Fluxman

About Colin Fluxman

Colin has 40 years of experience in broadcast news, both in the USA and internationally. He worked for KTLA as a senior writer, with anchor Hal Fishman in the early 2000’s, and as a writer/anchor on KNX1070 news radio during the mid-to-late 2000’s, at a time when the Asian Tsunami hit the headlines. Since 2012 Colin has been a staff writer/narrator for Safety Unlimited working on a variety of projects.


NIOSH recently announced the availability of final Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) value profiles for four chemicals. They are: acetonitrile, chloroacetonitrile, methacrylonitrile, and nitrogen dioxide. Each profile summarizes the health hazards of acute exposures to high airborne concentrations of a chemical and discusses the rationale for the chemical’s proposed IDLH value. Read the full article…