SoCalGas Commitment to Accelerate Inspections at Aliso Cyn. 8

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LOS ANGELES- SoCalGas has announced in a press release important progress on its commitment to accelerate the inspection of storage wells at Aliso Canyon.

The company recently began monitoring each well at the Aliso Canyon storage facility using infrared technology that can detect leaks. In addition, new, daily measurements and monitoring of well pressures began earlier this week.

The acceleration of these well inspections is one of five commitments SoCalGas made to the Porter Ranch community to emphasize the company’s dedication to restoring trust and continuing to support the community.

SoCalGas continues to offer exterior home cleaning for the homeowners who have reported brown spots they believe to be related to the leaking well. Spots have generally been reported on outside surfaces. However, the company will also assess reports of residue on surfaces inside homes.

Sampling results reviewed by both a toxicologist and a medical expert suggest that the residue does not pose a health risk.  However, the company says it is providing cleaning services for residents or reimbursing residents who have already had the residue cleaned.

Residue is not likely to have gotten into duct systems of residences because the vast majority of residential Forced Air Heating & Air Conditioning systems are sealed and do not pull in outside air, according to SoCalGas, adding that “for the very few systems that take in a small amount of outside air, the filter should capture particles before the air is circulated.”

Extensive and continued testing and analysis by health and air quality experts, including the County, show that the air in the community has completely returned to normal. The majority of residents never left Porter Ranch and many others who were once relocated have returned home.

The company has 100 community liaisons available to assist residents with any questions they have, as well as approximately 150 claims representatives to provide reimbursement checks as efficiently as possible.

SoCalGas announced in a statement that they had mailed approximately 2,200 mileage reimbursement checks totaling approximately $1.9 million.

The California Public Utilities Commission Safety Enforcement Division (SED) and the Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) are also onsite at the Aliso Canyon Storage facility to oversee the process of determining the cause of the leak. SED and DOGGR have selected an independent third-party contractor to conduct a root cause analysis, and SoCalGas continues to cooperate with all agencies during the investigation.

The findings will be made public once they are available.

SoCalGas is in the process of measuring the actual amount of gas released and should have results to share publically within the next several weeks.

In addition, the statement added, “the company continues to develop a framework to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the leak.”

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8 thoughts on “SoCalGas Commitment to Accelerate Inspections at Aliso Cyn.

  • Tony Montana

    Totally untrue, its difficult to get socalgas to do anything for Porter Ranch residents. Many of us are still waiting for reimbursements, the resource center is just a waiting room with no positive outcome.

    • Colin Fluxman Post author

      Tony – I have forwarded your concerns to SoCalGas for comment.
      Thanks for logging on to our site.
      Colin Fluxman
      News Director: SUN News Report

  • Rudy Santos

    I need a clean up crew for the exterior and interior of my house . There are two people leaving in this house that have serious illness and congenital heart defects. Both of them are experiencing runninh heart rates that has been communicated to SoCalGas. One of them is a 70 year old that has been medically declared permanently disabled. The other is a 3 year old who has a congenital heart defect with open heart surgery. Another surgery is on schedule at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles,
    but required lab tests have been postponed twice because of upper respiratory and pneumonia. This boy was sent to UCLA emergency as the pulse rate was running between 141-155 and found with pneumonia. We sent written requests for relocation to SCG, but was denied. We are reasonable people who is willing to take measurable risk to return home because of these two members of the household, but only if we can be assured to clean up and testing a that it is safe to return to the house if it is safe for them.

    I need SCG to clean up the exterior and interior if the house, curtains, furniture,’walls, and clean air testing.

    • Colin Fluxman Post author

      Rudy – I have forwarded your concerns to SoCalGas for comment.
      Thanks for logging on to our site.
      Colin Fluxman
      News Director: SUN News Report

  • Julie Herberg

    This is one of the most unprofessional supposed news articles I’ve ever read. Besides obviously being a mere cut and paste taken directly from a press release from So. Cal. Gas (tense switch to WE in one paragraph and duplicate paragraphs at the end), absolutely no fact checking has been done. Journalistic integrity at its best when there are no actual quotations from the group of people being talked about. I certainly won’t be looking to any of your publications in print or online from this point on to get my news. Shame on you for being So Cal Gas’ mouthpiece. Shame on you.

    • Colin Fluxman Post author

      Julie – thank you for your email. Since your correspondence, we have made certain changes to the news article, and also posted responses from other readers.
      We welcome your comments, and, please know, we use the news releases we receive from the various agencies, and do our best to follow up and get information from the “other side”.
      You are always welcome to express your opinion in our forum, and we hope you will continue to follow our articles.
      Colin Fluxman
      News Director: SUN News Report

  • Laura Gideon

    Hello Colin, I am very disappointed in the information given in this article. Did you speak to any residents to confirm these claims were actually being done? I have submitted claims to have the brown, oily dots removed from my car IN JANUARY. No reimbursement. I have submitted claims to have the exterior of my home, backyard furniture, kids’ play equipment, etc. cleaned of these brown, oily dots. NO RESPONSE. I have submitted receipts for food and medical claims. HAVE HEARD NOTHING. And to say that the air conditioning system “SHOULD capture particles before the air is circulated” gives me no calm. I do not want to end up in the Emergency Room AGAIN because of SoCal Gas. Are you solely relying on what SoCal Gas is telling you? Because they have been LYING from the beginning. On another note, can you ask SoCalGas why the Head of AQMD was FIRED yesterday amidst this Aliso Canyon disaster? Could it have anything to do with the fact that the fired individual can NO LONGER BE SUBPOENAED to testify against SoCalGas because he is no longer working there? I would IMPLORE you to do your due diligence in researching a story before reporting misconceptions. PEOPLE’S HEALTH AND LIVES are at stake here. And your Journalistic integrity.

    • Colin Fluxman Post author

      Laura – I have forwarded your email to SoCalGas, and SUN News is attempting to get a response from the company to other emails we have received in a similar vein.
      Thank you for logging on to our site, and we hope you will keep an eye out for other stories that interest, or affect, you.
      Colin Fluxman
      News Director: SUN News Report

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