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Plains All American Pipeline Apologizes for Oil Spill at Refugio

In a statement released on June 24th, Plains All American Pipeline “deeply regrets” the oil spill at Refugio Beach on May 19th: “As the responsible party, we realize the disruption this unfortunate incident has caused to this community, to the environment and to the wildlife, and we deeply regret the accidental Read the full article…

Crewmembers continue to clean the California coastline to remove oil which spilled from a pipeline release near Rufugio State Beach, California, Monday June 1, 2015. Oil, which spilled from an onshore pipeline, resulted in cleanup efforts at the onshore site and along several miles of California coastline. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Ashley J. Johnson
Plains All American Pipeline

OSHA Enforcing Standards in Hospitals and Nursing Homes

WASHINGTON, DC – Targeting some of the most common causes of workplace injury and illness in the healthcare industry, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced the agency is expanding its use of enforcement resources in hospitals and nursing homes to focus on: musculoskeletal disorders related to patient or Read the full article…

Young woman falling on wet floor
Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Temp Workers Share Experiences on Santa Barbara Oil Spill Cleanup Effort

Goleta, CA – The painstaking task at Refugio State Beach marks a new front in the cleanup after an underground pipeline leaked last month and released up to 101,000 gallons of oil, about 21,000 gallons of which flowed into a storm drain, sullied the beach and washed out to sea. Read the full article…

Worker clean up oil on the beach in Santa Barbara from the recent pipeline break. Photo by Jules Griggs

Interactive Online Tool Launched for Health Disaster Readiness

The U.S. Dept for Health and Human Services (HHS) has launched the HHS emPOWER Map, an interactive online tool to aid community health agencies and emergency management officials in disaster preparedness, in its ongoing efforts to support community resilience and build national health security. The tool will aid community residents who rely on Read the full article…

Interactive Online Tool

Cal/OSHA Issues High Heat Advisory as Temperatures Rise across the State

Oakland, CA—Cal/OSHA is advising all employers to protect their outdoor workers from the risks associated with heat illness. Temperatures are expected to be 15 to 25 degrees above normal in Southern California. The National Weather Service forecasts excessive hot and dry weather patterns in Imperial, Riverside and San Diego counties Read the full article…

High Heat Advisory

Construction at Assembly Row Halted as Investigators Dig Into Deadly Accident

Somerville, MA – Work at the sprawling Assembly Row construction site in Somerville remains temporarily frozen following last week’s accident when two Suffolk Construction workers were installing a temporary elevator claimed one Suffolk Construction laborer’s life and left another with severe injuries.  The workers were later rushed by ambulance to Massachusetts Read the full article…

Assembly Row

Oil from Santa Barbara Spill Ended Up On Ventura, and LA-county Beaches

REFUGIO STATE BEACH, Calif. – Officials from Houston-based Plains All American Pipeline say initial samples indicate oil from the Refugio spill appears to have migrated to beaches in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Plains owns the 24-inch pipeline that ruptured in Santa Barbara County on May 19, spilling as much as 101,000 Read the full article…

Oil from